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Strange Views: One person’s view of FileMaker Certification – FileMaker Today

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Here is a FileMaker Blog from somebody on the internet. This person does not identify himself, herself or itself by name. I got a laugh out of it so I am featuring it here. If you like it there is more. Here is that person’s view on FileMaker Certification!!!…Filemaker, Inc. has a “Certified” graphic for those who can do the following:

  • Pay $100 for a set of PDF files with important information on FileMaker for a specific version. These documents used to ship in the box with the application and were called a manual.

  • Get a copy of the PDF files from someone else.

  • Read and study these PDF files.

  • Pay $100 to a testing agency who creates tricky questions and a few dumb ones.

  • Go to a test site and take the test on their computers.

  • Receive your pass or fail result on the spot but not be told what questions you failed or how many you got right.

  • At no time has or will anyone ask for a sample of your work to validate your skill level.

  • FileMaker will not tell anyone if a specific person is or is not certified.

  • The test does not validate or fail the skill level of the person being tested nor the many years of experience they have.

  • The certification places the beginner who can pass the test on the same footing of the person with 30 years experience who can pass the test.

  • There is no existing group that reviews, investigates and tests the skill level of the person and ranks them according to their abilities.

  • There is no certifications by masters that rank developers on skill levels of such as beginner, apprentice, experienced, talented, master or similar groupings.

  • There is no group that will test a solution to see if it is bug free and safe to use because its scripts are not malware, etc.

  • There is no certification for a solution that says it uses all of FileMaker’s security protocols and provides tools to protect the file from anyone who gains entry.

FileMaker Business Alliance  :You can join for $500 a year and are required to submit to customer referals and a sample of your work and a few other things. So some level of ability is shown by that logo label. How much is not known since there is no information posted by FileMaker to show how many people are not accepted or how rigorous the vetting of the applicant is.

Platinum Level is available for those who are recommended by a BAM after paying their $500. Downloading the legal docs in a PDF took a long time but then I may have a flaky connection.

FileMaker is not the only database company to offer additional services for a fee and those services are valuable for a developer.

So, keep in mind that being Certified only means that you passed a college level test on the contents of 14 or so PDF files and probably know a bit more than someone who has not taken the test. It doesn’t guarantee that the Certified person knows how to create a functional database.

Business Alliance is a purchased relationship with FileMaker that depends in some manner on being licensed, two references (all of the others might be negative) and submitting a file that shows some degree of ability.

This is much better than 30 years ago when I and many others changed our avocation to become FileMaker developers at a time when very few people knew much about anything in the computer world and we all set about teaching ourselves how to do these things and we succeeded.

15 years ago I became a victim of Monster Tinnitus which is essentially extremely loud noises like ringing in the ears and somehow I survived that and after loosing my ability to remember and having to teach myself how to program when I couldn’t remember what I wanted to do three lines earlier… well, it was exciting. Then four medications created a mind fog and I thought I was going senile. Two years ago I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and given another medication that creates drowsiness but is better than the burning sensation and extreme cramping if I didn’t take it.

I took the Certification Test and was told I did not pass. I didn’t study hard and I also keep dozing off and found it very difficult to focus on a train of thought. I can create a dynamic database with all kinds of cool stuff but I need to do this in my own time line. Maybe I’ll create my own certification business?

I respect those who do pass the exam because I have made perfect scores on college finals such as analytical geometry or whatever it was called, you know where you work in 3 dimensions and end up piloting boats on tops of mountains. But that was when I was twenty and before a few accidents and the medications. Now I just refer to my age and superior wisdom…

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