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Succeeding in a FileMaker Vertical Business (Business 005)

Succeeding in a FileMaker Vertical Business
FileMaker DevCon 2017 Business Track

Session Speaker: Kevin McAllister | inRESONANCE, Inc.

Session Description
Writing or acquiring great code is only one part of running a successful FileMaker-based business. In reality, success is more about business and less about FileMaker. inRESONANCE has grown from 1 person in 1999 to 50 employees and 400 clients based on FileMaker educational solutions.

In this session, discover the milestones and challenges inRESONANCE faced on its journey, including the advantages and challenges of using FileMaker as a development platform from the point of view of version control, customizations, upgrades, and support.

Recommended Background
No prerequisites.

Session Objectives
* Challenges to starting and running a business
* Selling a product and not a service
* Growth challenges for small companies
* How FileMaker as a platform works for a small business

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