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Surveys for Success: Glioblastoma Foundation


Patrick Mulry 

Posted on 
April 29th, 2020 


DB Services has been proudly giving back to the community for years. Now we are partnering each quarter with a charity to donate for each survey we receive! Our new Surveys for Success program is our way of saying thank you to our clients for filling out our surveys and to also let you know how we are paying it forward.

Glioblastoma fundraiser photo

The DB Services family is impacted by this disease personally, and for that reason, the charity we are partnering with for Q2 is The Glioblastoma Foundation. Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive and deadly forms of brain cancer, and The Glioblastoma Foundation seeks to transform care and treatment for the disease. We are proud to support The Glioblastoma Foundation’s mission to fight this disease with further research and better care for Glioblastoma patients.

We are donating $10 for every survey that our clients fill out to The Glioblastoma Foundation, and our goal for Q2 is to get at least 100 surveys back so that we can donate $1,000 in total. Our donations would not be possible without the help of our amazing partnerships and for that, we thank you! Each survey we receive is an additional donation towards The Glioblastoma Foundation. Your feedback now can positively impact others. You can help by simply filling out our surveys and together we can help others!

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Patrick Mulry

Patrick is outgoing and enthusiastic about his role as Customer Success Manager focusing on meeting client objectives and achieving positive outcomes for stakeholders. He is passionate about the customer experience and is adept at creating trusted advisory relationships with clients.

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