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Surveys for Success: Nextech | DB Services


Nextech 2022 impact

DB Services has chosen to support Nextech in quarter 2 of 2023 with our Surveys for Success program. Nextech, along with donors, business partners, and educators, strives to ensure that all young people – regardless of family income or social background – have the education and training they need to thrive in the Information Age through Computer Science. The Surveys for Success program is our way of saying thank you for our customers’ valuable feedback by paying it forward to those in need.

At the heart of Nextech’s culture lies its core values – Transformative Impact, Doing Good Great, Productive Collaboration, and Authentic Engagements. They work with K-12 students and educators alike to help achieve their mission of creating equitable access to computer science curriculum and experiences for all K-12 students. Various strategic programs for K-12 students include those designed to “LevelUp” their CS skills and others aimed at high school students to “catapult” their career in technology by developing technical and workplace skills and authentic peer relationships.

Nextech also collaborates with top educational partners to provide educators with what they need to succeed in the classroom. Its professional development workshops and courses equip K-12 teachers with the content knowledge, instructional strategies, and confidence to deliver computer science curriculum in the classroom. Since 2015, they have trained over 2,500 teachers in nearly 1,000 schools.

Each customer survey we receive is an additional donation towards Nextech. Your feedback will not only help our team at DB Services, but also provide Nextech with donations to further their important mission. Together we can improve the lives of today’s youth and the future of technology!

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