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If you are a serious FileMaker Developer – Synergize is a MUST have tool for serious FileMaker apps. Anybody developing their own FileMaker solution who needs UI elements beyond the capability of FileMaker or someone  who needs to access the power of PHP, or even someone who is looking to include a full featured web application in their FileMaker solution. Synergize can do all these, and much more.

At its core, Synergize is a web server; One which is embedded right inside your FileMaker 13 (and above) solution, so no more need for a seperate web-server!

  • Serve content from FileMaker using the full power of PHP.

  • Provide access to FileMaker features for web technologies (SQL, evaluate, scripts).

  • Provide access to FileMaker content for web technologies (fields container & variables).

  • Eliminate the need for complicated deployment processes of web applications

Existing plugins were either not available for FileMaker 13 and above, or only offered part of the functionality required. We have produced a fully functional PHP-enabled web server that runs entirely inside FileMaker. This allows full web applications (such as webmail clients, image manipulation, currency conversion) to be bundled inside a FileMaker solution, and can be available offline on any platform.

In the unreleased version of the plugin, it can run on a server, meaning a full web application can be created to access the data inside of FileMaker (similar to CWP) without the performance hits of using the PHP API. The PHP code can use raw SQL to query FileMaker (SELECT, UPDATE, and INSERT), and get results much faster.

How did solving these problems impact your customer?

Rather than manually configuring and maintaining a web server to run alongside FileMaker, the customer now only needs to maintain one piece of software – FileMaker. Additionally, any web developers will no longer need to learn how to use the FileMaker PHP API, and can instead use SQL to access and manipulate the data inside FileMaker.

We have also written a Doctrine driver for Synergize, a database abstraction layer which is familiar to many web developers, and used by a lot of popular commercial web applications. This allows web developers to migrate their existing codebases to use FileMaker as a data back-end with minimal effort, or create new web applications without learning new technologies.

Synergize Apps

  • Powerful features, right out of the box!

  • Packaged to include a number of ‘ready-to -use’ Synergize Apps:

  • FileMaker Synergize Portals – resizeable, customisable, expandable, editable and more …

  • Slideshow – view images.

  • Calender – to integrate with your own data.

Synergize Web Server

  • Multi-port listening.

  • HTTPS content serving

  • IP Address Level access configuration.

The Synergize Web Server differs from a conventional web server, which would serve files from a specific location. Instead, the content from FileMaker is made available using the Synergize() function or by Synergize Apps.

What makes Synergize useful for all FileMaker developers?

Synergize brings web technologies to FileMaker, enhancing your FileMaker solutions like never before.  At Computech we have created Synergize “apps”, FileMaker developers can simply drop existing features into their FileMaker solution, such as currency conversion functions or image manipulation, or even full applications such as a webmail client.

Synergize, also allows web developers to utilize the extent of their knowledge to extend their own FileMaker solutions with web-based UI.

As the Synergize plugin will be capable of running on the server, mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android & Surface tablets will be able to utilize the all features of the Synergize plugin for FileMaker 13 (and above) as all that is required for it to work, is a web browser.

Synergize Features

Synergize gives you the ability to create flexible, dynamic interfaces such as dashboards, charts, calendars, email Apps, or any other type of graphical interface that uses web technologies, within your own FileMaker solution. Synergize contains its own PHP web server and uses raw SQL queries (including SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and many more) to access your FileMaker database, returning large data queries in the blink of an eye.

Several “Apps” are provided free of charge.  These include Apps for creating a Drag-and-Drop Calendar, Image Slideshows and best of all a “Portal Builder” App.

Even as a NOVICE, you can build “FileMaker like” portal views enhanced by Web technologies which require NO RELATIONSHIPS. You can also sort the columns, resize them, add a button that can execute a script, pass parameters from the portal row, add filters for your data and also add conditional formatting. You only need one web viewer and you can create unlimited portals that you can switch between at the press of a button, making your application extremely lightweight. All this and you do not need to know any web code.

Using the latest web technologies, including HTML, JavaScript, PHP & AJAX your imagination is the only limit with Synergize.

Synergize Server Version

With the 64 Bit Server Plugin, you do not even need to setup a web server. It takes the place of the FileMaker Web API and has been shown to be 2.5 times faster returning data. Use Custom Web Publishing to allow unlimited remote users, on any platform, access their FileMaker data. You can create a fully featured PHP web applications, and offer this as an integral part of your company’s FileMaker Solution.  The performance is significantly greater than the FileMaker Web API.  Take a look at the comparison here:  Synergize Vs FileMaker Web API – Performance Comparison.

If you don’t know how to write code in PHP or JavaScript for a graphical environment, Computech can create fully customizable apps for you. Alternatively, if you want to extend the capabilities of one of the existing Apps, we can also do that for you.

Download the trial version and have a look at the three Apps that we include free of charge with Synergize. Works with both Mac and PC platforms.

Other Apps that are available for Synergize, include a full webmail client, capable of feeding emails into your FileMaker solution and a Bar Code Creation App, which can create all Bar Codes, including QR codes.

Use web technologies to create charts, dashboards and all sorts of other graphical environments that are not native to FileMaker Pro and allow yourself to compete with all of the other major players out there..

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