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Synergize – The Ultimate Web Plugin for FileMaker by Computech

Download our FREE Synergize Toolbox

Synergize is a plugin for FileMaker and has become one of the most popular plugins for FileMaker Developers App & Solutions building! Using Synergize you can realize the full potential of the web within your FileMaker solution and app.

Utilizing React and Node, Synergize provides web developers with all the tools to create a modern, slick, cutting-edge interface, limited only by their imagination.

Synergize provides the link between the FileMaker database and any compatible web browser, mobile apps developed using Synergize can run on either Android or iOS mobile devices.

The plugin website offers Synergize, sample apps and FileMaker tools, all at no cost. The examples area illustrates how Synergize can further enhance your FileMaker solution. For a limited period only, Synergize is available with unlimited licenses.

Why Synergize?

With Synergize you can execute any SQL query directly, no more creating dedicated layouts to expose your tables, fields, and relationships to your code.

The development server package makes the development and debugging process simple, execute SQL, evaluate expressions, perform scripts, and register external functions without a lengthy deployment process.

Two-way communication between FileMaker and your application by registering external functions, allowing your application’s code to be executed on demand by FileMaker scripts.

The deployment process can be completely automated as the entire application can be stored in a single container field, and executed with a single script step.

Synergize is developed by Computech IT Services creators of the award-winning BusinessMan ERP software suite, in which Synergize is used extensively.

Please contact Computech IT Services to discuss how we can make Synergize work with your FileMaker solution.


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