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Table View in FileMaker – Best Uses

Brought to you by — When Claris ( known as FileMaker Inc. at the time ) released a number of enhancements to Layouts, there was a luke warm reception to Table View.

One of the primary reasons developers cherish FileMaker is the freedom it offers to unleash their creativity within Form and List views. You have the power to craft virtually any type of software you can envision. However, when it comes to Table View, it might seem like you’re merely replicating what most end users overuse – spreadsheets. Table View was likely introduced to ease the transition for spreadsheet users into the world of databases. Nevertheless, a well-structured data model renders a spreadsheet-like view of data as useless.

Despite this, the inclusion of Table View comes with some concealed features that can significantly enhance your development process as you create your ideal software solution. This video will unveil all these hidden treasures for you.

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