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Monday, December 11, 2023

Tag: Authentication

Enabling Biometric Authentication on Mobile SDK Apps | Developer Quick Takes

In this Quick Take, you'll discover how to enable login via biometric authentication on your Mobile SDK 11.0 apps for Android and iOS. 00:00 Video start 00:15 Biometric Authentication in Mobile SDK 11 00:30 Connected app configuration 01:07 Implementation in your code 01:20 Platform-specific steps 01:53 Resources and next steps Connect...

Faster Copying of Two-Factor Authentication Codes in Messages

As a convenient time-saver, Safari will automatically detect, and fill SMS-based two-factor authentication codes received in Messages. This feature allows for faster login completion—no code retrieval necessary. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow additional developers access to such codes in Messages. So, for other web browsers—like...

? – Authentication Code You Didn’t Request?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) or two-step verification (2SV) should be used with online accounts whenever possible. After entering a password, both methods require an authentication code to be entered to complete the login process. It is best to get such codes from authentication apps like...

Authenticated and anonymous access for LWR sites

In our ninth episode we explore how to set up authenticated and unauthenticated LWR sites, and how to configure them programmatically. Resources Sample app: AZ insurance ( Blog: Guest User Profile Best Practices ( Documentation: Configure the Guest User Profile ( Connect with Salesforce Developers: Website: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: