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Monday, December 11, 2023

Tag: Customize

Customize UX in Salesforce | Quick Start | Episode 2

In this video, you will learn how to customise almost every aspect of the Salesforce UI. This video covers List Views, Lightning App Builder, Page Layouts, Record Types, Quick Actions, Themes and Branding. Connect with Salesforce Developers on Telegram: Aditya’s Twitter Handle - @adityanaag Aditya’s LinkedIn...

How to Customize FileMaker WebDirect

Mike Duncan shares his techniques for building a custom login through WebDirect for your Claris FileMaker solution while maintaining web development in FileMaker. Read the blog post:

Programmatically Customize Portals and Experiences with Community Cloud

Existing Community metadata type is not designed for human consumption, and that makes it difficult for people to navigate. New capabilities solve these issues and provides a 3 level folder structure of the Developers can leverage the power of Salesforce DX to programmatically...

Customize Record and Home Pages with Lightning App Builder

Learn how to take advantage of Lightning functionality with Record and Home Customization, now GA in Summer 16. Build custom pages in Lightning Experience using clicks, not code. Lightning Product Manager, Eric Jacobson will showcase use cases for customization, provide a technical deep dive...