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Avoid Style Naming Frustration in FileMaker Pro

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FileMaker Pro Themes – Designing Portals

When designing using portals within FileMaker Pro it's important to know what options will impact your design. There are a number of settings to be aware of. This video is brought to you by ISO FileMaker Magazine. The link to the file is right...

FileMaker Themes – Don’t use Default styles!

When it comes to FileMaker Themes, just a little bit of knowledge can go a long way when you want to take full advantage of global styling. The fact that the Default styles establish the baseline for all child objects means you should...

Dark Mode Theming in FileMaker

While FileMaker doesn't natively support a dark mode currently, it's possible to switch a light theme into a dark theme. You simply need to follow a few key steps and the process is pretty simple. This video showcases how to theme your FileMaker...

Lesson #5: Layout Mode & Design – Layout Script Triggers – Scriptology Mastery Course FileMaker

When you're working in FileMaker's Layout Mode, you're likely in the process of designing how users will interact with your solution's data. When you combine a number of possible features together you can often create much more creative layouts than just a single plain...

Lesson #3: Layout Mode & Design – Using Design Grids – Scriptology Mastery Course FileMaker

Designing a great layout involves a number of disciplines. There's balance, white space, negative space, progressive disclosure and on and on. There are tons of principles you can read about and follow but one of the easiest to follow is using a grid. This...