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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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New Script Set: FileMaker Transactions

Claris released a new version of FileMaker, and it’s pretty exciting. Of course, the usual list of bug fixes and minor enhancements to the platform accompanied the update. Nonetheless, there's at least one outstanding new feature: Transactions.   In the database world, a transaction is...

How To Set Up a CRM Database for FileMaker

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is essential for any business. A CRM helps us communicate with clients, automates processes, and provides analytical tools to help us understand our operations and customers. That said, there are different kinds of CRMs. Some are...

codeLive: Set Up a CI Workflow with GitHub Actions

Let's configure a CI workflow for a Salesforce project using GitHub Actions Connect with Salesforce Developers: Website: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:

Set Custom Text Sizes on a Per-App Basis in iOS 15

In previous versions of iOS, you could change the systemwide text size to make all apps—at least those that support Dynamic Type—display text at larger or smaller sizes. (Most people who use this feature want the text larger so it’s easier to read with...

My First Script – Set Field Command – Try FileMaker Video Series – FMTraining.TV

My First Script - Set Field Command - Try FileMaker Video Series - FMTraining.TV - 7060 In this video. I want to dive into creating our first script, and we're going to focus on basic data control or data movement using copy and paste or...