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Monday, December 4, 2023

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How to Use GAUs to Track a Nonprofit’s Funds in Salesforce NPSP

Restricted Funds in Nonprofits Restricted funds are a vitally important part of the nonprofit industry. They’re a useful and effective way to structure fundraising efforts. They also allow donors to know that their contributions are being used for the programs they care most about. However,...

Text Flight Numbers to People You’re Visiting So They Can Track Your Flight

Next time you’re flying to visit your Apple-using family or friends, send them your flight number using Messages when you leave. Then they can easily track your flight in the air and see when you’re arriving. Just text them the flight number prefixed with the airline’s...

LWC Fundamentals: The @track Decorator | Developer Quick Takes

In this Quick Take, we continue our learning on JavaScript Decorators in LWC by exploring properties with the @track Decorator. We will look at the use cases where you need and don’t need to use it! Connect with Salesforce Developers: Website: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: