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Technical Tips from the Claris COVID Response Team volunteers

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Technical Tips from the Claris COVID Response Team Volunteers
Makah Encarnacao
Soliant Consulting, Inc.

In March 2020, the newly formed Claris COVID response team made a call to volunteers to build emergency COVID-19 related apps. That call was met at an overwhelming volume from our generous community. This series highlights a few of the projects made by our volunteers and demonstrates some of the interesting technical challenges our volunteers overcame along the way.

0.08 – Introduction (Makah Encarnacao)
13:24 – Gnymble Texting App (Dr. Bryan Fine)
22:34 – San Severo’s Hospital Nurse App (Mariangela Triarico)
28:57 – Community Health Log (Nathan Allen)
34:01 – Critical Stock Manager (Sarah Beete)
42:46 – The Blackboard Project (Steve Gleason)
50:17 – Inventory Management App (Graham Young)

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