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Test Driven Development with Bonny Hinners | Episode 91

Bonny Hinners is a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Salesforce. In this episode, we sat down and talked about our shared love for test-driven development, what it is, how you can utilize it, and how it can improve your developer experience. After many years in the community and having been introduced to Salesforce with her work on a nonprofit, Bonny is now working at Salesforce. Her team works in conjunction with internal teams and Agile coaches with primary focus on process, improvement and experimentation.
Bonny discusses the importance of teamwork – learning about the code base together and preventing the silos – as there shouldn’t be any one developer who knows more about any part of the code.
Listen to the show to learn from Bonny’s experiences that can help any developer process.
Show Highlights:

How mob development works
What test-driven development is
How to consider the role of unit tests
Test-driven development vs. acceptance test-driven development
The user doing the acceptance testing
The 3 basic ways an application can have a bug
The benefits of testing and retesting your debugging process
How to own your own Agile process
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