Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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The Extracurricular: Admin-configurable Lightning Components = Empowered Admins

Do you find yourself developing the same type of components repeatedly, only varying by minute differences? What about adding or removing fields in a component often as a business process changes? We have put together a way to move these small maintenance development changes to the discretion of the administrator. Come join us to find out how to take your components to the next level with powerful reusable components that benefit not only the administrators, but developers too. The Extracurricular is a community-driven mini-event inside TDX. Join these longer-format technical deep dive sessions to see challenging problems dissected by your peers. Expect experienced Salesforce developers and architects presenting complex real-world problems and solutions, followed by panel discussions and audience Q&As. At the start of each session there will also be several 5-minute quick talks, presenting interesting ideas in a compressed format.



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