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Your first two auto enter options are mutually exclusive. These are auto enter on creation or auto enter on modification. Your list of choices is exactly that same for each. This includes the current date, the current time, the current timestamp (a string of text that combines date and time information), the user name or the account name.

The FileMaker Auto Enter (Create And Modify Options)

So you can setup key fields within your database to capture data the moment a record is created or the moment the records data has been updated! It is not a bad idea to include a field within each table of your database that will do each of these.

The FileMaker Auto Enter (Create And Modify Options) Here you can see the fields in the clients table of my InBizness package. Using FileMaker Advanced, it is very easy to copy these fields and paste them into every table I create!

Date, Time and Timestamp information is gathered from the operating system of the computer running FileMaker. So you can setup a field to capture the particular day and time a record was created or modified. You may have noticed that I tossed in the tidbit about your operating system. If you did notice, good for you! The date and time information for auto entry operations is captured from the persons computer. So if Joe Shmoe over in shipping has his computer set to January 1st, 1904, when he creates or edits a record, that is the data FileMaker will be using.

FYI… If you use scripts for creating or modifying records, you can use the date and time that is on the computer that is hosting the database. This comes into play more with FileMaker databases that are accessed from a FileMaker Server.

The same situation about a users computer settings are true for the auto enter of a user name. The user name information is gathered from the user settings of the computers operating system or the name the user has set in their FileMaker preferences. So if Joe Shmoe in shipping has the name of “the shipping god” in his FileMaker preferences, that is what is captured with the auto enter option of user name.

The FileMaker Auto Enter (Create And Modify Options)

Now our last auto enter option of this discussion (but just the tip of the iceberg of all your auto enter options) is auto enter by account name. Well, now that is a whole different kettle of fish. The account name information is gathered by the name the user used to open a secure FileMaker database that uses account names and passwords. This does require that you setup security properly on your FileMaker database and this is just one more good reason to do so.

Now if you have 10 users that open the database with the user name of admin, then this feature is not that helpful. The auto enter information is always going to be admin. However, if you set up each user with their own account name, then you can truly capture information about who created and modified a FileMaker record with FileMaker auto enter options.

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