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The FileMaker (Exit Loop If) Script Step – FileMaker Today

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Used to determine what set of conditions need to be met to exit out of an established ScriptMaker looping routine. This is based upon using the calculation dialog box to establish those “end loop” parameters. Here is a brief example

Go To First Record


If (this record has this quality)

Set This Field Equal To That


Set This Other Field To Something Else

End If

Go To Next Record

Exit Loop If The Next Record Has (this, that or the other quality)



All loops need to have a way to exit out of the loop. Loops normally will go from record to record … or … field to field in a particular record. In either case, the Exit Loop can be used to exit the loop based upon any calculation such as …

Customers Name, Address, Payment Status, etc…

The current record contains duplicate values, unique values, etc…

Counter ( using a method to increment a global ) has reached a value of …

It is also possible to have loops inside of loops. The Exit Loop If script step is one of the most popular ways to exit out of sub-looping routines based upon a fulfilling a set of criteria.


There are some cool ways to have FileMaker count. You can have an Exit Loop If step activate when the counter reaches a predetermined number.


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