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The FileMaker Go To Related Record Script Step – FileMaker Today

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Commonly referred to as GTRR for short, this step goes to the defined related record in the related file and brings the related file’s window to the front. If the user is within a portal when the script is executed, GTRR will go to that specific related record. If the script is executed while the user is NOT in a portal, GTRR will go to the first instance of a related record ( via the sort order or not ). There is an option setting for the GTRR step to show only the related records, which is similar to doing a find command because it will give you a defined found set of records.

When FileMaker 7 was introduced, the GTRR script step was given a unique and powerful twist. I’m not speaking of the aspect that you are going to a related table and not just a related file and that related table can be in the same file. That is, of course, unique and powerful as well. I’m talking about an option within the script step itself in which the related records can come up in a new window. This means that you can have two windows side by side telling you detailed information about the record.

The FileMaker Go To Related Record Script Step

Here you can see the dialog box that allows you to set the aspects of the GTRR command you want to invoke within the script.

As I was writing this, I did a snapshot of the dialog boxes associated with the GTRR script step. I forgot the the GTRR found set options. When you use this script step, you can view just the related records for the single parent record you are on or you can view all the child records of all the parent records in your current found set! I have no idea how I missed this in my concept work for this document. I use this all the time!

I’ll cover many of the variations of multiple windows and found sets in other discussions. So please stay tuned!

The FileMaker Go To Related Record Script Step

Here you can see the GTRR dialog box and it’s associated new window settings dialog box.


By far, the popular use is to see the related information in a portal row. Say you have a portal that shows all the sales for today. Listed in this portal, you see a huge order. In the row, you see a “Go To” button. By clicking this button, you get to see that particular invoice in detail. Well the button is likely attached to a script that uses a “Go To Related Record” script step.

However, as user get more sophisticated / experienced with what a FileMaker found set can do, the variations of how you can use GTRR are tremendous.


When you setup the GTRR script step, you have to pick a relationship for it to work from. You can even define a new relationship on the fly, if one is not already there for you.

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