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The FileMaker Loop Script Step – FileMaker Today

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FileMaker loop scripts will cycle  a  set  of  script  steps  over  and  over  again  until  it  receives  an  indication  to  exit  the  loop.  Scripts  with  loops  are  one  of  the  main  ways  to  have  FileMaker  perform  tedious  tasks  on  a  set  of  records.  Not only can they save time from performing tedious tasks, they also can ensure the data being processed is in the same format. Many times doing repetitive and redundant data entry, the data entry person will make a mistake strictly out of boredom.

The most common ways to exit a script loop include…

Exit Loop If Script Step – allows you to use a calculation to exit the loop

Go To Record [ Next, exit after last ] – exits the loop after the last record in a found set

IF script step – put into the loop to run the Exit or Halt script step. However, this method is a little sloppy and normally means the developer wasn’t aware of what the Exit Loop IF script step was for.


Usually a loop statement will also include the “Go To Next Record” script step. In most scripts it is START LOOP, PERFORM ACTION ON A RECORD, GO TO NEXT RECORD (exit loop if you are on the last record, END LOOP.


I guess the first cool implementation I saw as in a solution that deleted duplicate records. The script would find duplicate records, sort them by the duplicate criteria, the loop through each record keeping the first new instance but deleting all the following duplicates.

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