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The FileMaker Pause / Resume Script Step – FileMaker Today

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Works like the pause button on a DVD player, you can setup this script step to pause a current running script. Paused scripts can even be given a defined time duration before they start running again.


Design – To pause long scripts at a given point to check how valid they are.

Troubleshooting – To place within a long script to see where a scripting error may occur.

FYI … Both of the two examples, in many ways, this has been replaced by the script debugger found in FileMaker Advanced.

User Data Entry – To allow the user to do data entry in the middle of a script and then continue.

Splash Pages – To show a graphic, pause, then go to a data entry screen.

Allow Externals To Catch Up – When interfacing FileMaker with other applications via a script, the external source may take some time to finish running. So you can pause the FileMaker script a few seconds/minutes to allow the external operation to complete because you need the end result of it’s operation.

You have 3 different settings for the pause script step. The first is to pause the script indefinitely. So you would need to have the user hit the enter key on their keyboard, click the continue button (found in the status area) or run the script step again (depending on the buttons action, normally toggles the pause state to resume).

The next option is to pause the script for a time frame based upon a value in a field. This means you could calculate the pause duration or use a value placed into a global field. The last option is to hard code a time duration in hours, minutes and second for the pause duration.


I once had a very long and complicated script. I needed to do some troubleshooting so I used a combination of the pause script step and the speak script step. What I did was have FileMaker speak where it was in the script, then pause. After I would hit continue, it would go on until the next speak/pause combination. I did this way back in the FileMaker 4 and FileMaker 5 days. Now I use the Script Debugger feature in FileMaker Advanced, although the debugger doesn’t talk to me.


In many cases, if you are relying on the pause script step to control the users navigation through your solution, you will want to disallow the user the ability to abort the script (User Abort is another script step).

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