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The FileMaker Relationinfo Function – FileMaker Today

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The Relationinfo function will allow you to return information about table occurrences and interlocking relationships. You need to specify within the syntax of the function which file and which table. The function will return 4 lines of information for each relationship to the parameter defined table occurrence. The first line returned is the file name, the second line will have the name of the child table occurrence, the third row will describe any relationship options that are set such as create related, sorting and deleting and the last row will tell you about the match fields used in the relationship.

Each different relationship will be returned in the list separated by double carriage returns.

Here are some examples returned using this function in the database I use to store my blog posts.

The syntax of my calculation is …

RelationInfo ( Get ( FileName ) ; “Blog” )

and the returned results include …

Source:Blog Stuff



blog_Chapter_ValueList::Chapter = Blog::Chapter

Source:Blog Stuff



blog_Crosswords::fk_blogLink = Blog::pk_recordID

Source:Blog Stuff



blog_TERMS::fk_blogID = Blog::pk_recordID

Source:Blog Stuff



blog_QUIZ::fk_Blog_Id = Blog::pk_recordID




blog_IMAGES::pk_recordID = Blog::pk_recordID

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