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The Fine Line Between a Need and a Want (Business 009)

The Fine Line Between a Need and a Want
FileMaker DevCon 2017 Business Track

Session Speaker:
Jordan Watson (Technical Project Manager)

Session Description:

At DevCon 2016 I delivered a talk explaining the differences between User Experience and Usability. That talk focused almost exclusively on User Experience in the context of design, but that’s only half of the story. My talk will focus on the user experience of arguably the most important people—stakeholders.

Getting a balance between what is a necessity versus what is a ‘nice to have’ and having a clear understanding between all parties of exactly what is being delivered is essential to a successful project.

Recommended Background:

An understanding of working with clients and on projects with scope and deadlines.

Session Objectives:

* The difference between a Need and Want and the dangers of each
Which is the best of the different models of delivering requirements (MVP, MCP, Cupcake)
* Ensure you have buy-in from all stakeholders on exactly what is being delivered
* Understanding the different categories of users and types of requirements each gives

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