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The Power of Bidirectional Relationships (Intermediate Track 006)

The Power of Bidirectional Relationships (Intermediate Track 006)
Chad Adams
Skeleton Key

Session Description
FileMaker’s graph allows bidirectional relationships, but most solutions do not take advantage of this powerful feature. In this session you’ll revisit the unified graph while taking a deeper look at how to wield the inherent power that FileMaker provides via the bidirectional relationship.

You’ll learn how to develop faster, how to get better performance out of your apps, and how to achieve smaller and simpler graphs. It will also describe how the context of these solutions can affect overall development.

Recommended Background
Comfortable with FileMaker’s relationship graph, relationships in general and the idea of context.

Session Objectives
Bidirectional relationships explained
Why context is king
Why bidirectional relationships allow for a drier development process
How to change graphs to utilize bidirectional relationships

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