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Thoughts Why Upgrade to FileMaker Pro 13 – FileMaker Today

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Doug Alder has some really good points about software upgrades in his latest blog along with how they can affect your clients…

Time marches on with software. Keeping up with the latest version of any software can be a delicate balance between hardware, operating system and the actual software. Upgrade too soon and your users can end up experiencing glitches, printer drivers haven’t been updated for the new operating system, old hardware won’t run the new…

 When that simple conversion has been done, there are a whole host of improvements that can be added by the developer to improve the interface look, speed up reports and improve security. Using ExecuteSQL, or running Scripts on Server allow for some major speed gains and simplification of the database structure.

The improved document management capabilities open entire new categories of abilities for FileMaker Pro. Track waiver forms, signed contracts etc, by storing them as PDFs within FileMaker Pro. The server can be set up so that the documents are stored on a separate folder or drive, where they can be accessed by other applications if needed. Because the documents are no longer stored within the FileMaker Pro file, backups can be faster and the risk of data corruption minimized.

WebDirect and FileMaker Go allow the database to be deployed in a web browser or on an iPhone/iPad. For occasional users, allowing them access through a web browser can eliminate the need to install a copy of FileMaker Pro on their computer. Mobile users can benefit by getting access to the data while on the go.

Many of the new features of FileMaker are hidden in the background, where the developer can enjoy the benefits of a modern development environment. The developer can use elements like popovers, slide panels and conditionally hide objects to make a much cleaner and more familiar interface for users. Rollovers give users feedback on things like buttons, and give them an environment closer to what they are used to from web pages. FileMaker Developers love to use the latest tools. It can be painful to go back to old ways of doing things.

Security can be improved by turning on SSL for transmissions of data from the server to the client. FileMaker Server 13 has the ability to host a database in an encrypted state, so that if the server is hacked and the database stolen, it cannot be opened.

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