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Time Saving Tips: Using Field Picker in FileMaker Pro 13 – FileMaker Today

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The Field Picker tool sits atop many people’s ‘favorite new tools’ list for tools introduced in FileMaker Pro 13. Field Picker is a fan-favorite because it allows a user to easily place fields on a layout with or without labels and place fields in a row or stacked.

With Field Picker, users can add a new field (or fields) to their layout without having to enter into ‘manage database’. If users want to enter ‘manage database’, they can directly from the Field Picker toolbar.

Field Picker allows users the ability to sort fields in various ways:

  • in Creation Order

  • by Field Name

  • by Field Type

  • by Custom Order

Personally, I find Custom Order advantageous because it allows me the ability to physically reorganize the fields in the order I would like to place them on my layouts.

In the following examples, I have fields related to the current table I am working on. I will be sorting the fields in each of the ways mentioned above, then placing the first six fields in a layout to show their appearance.

Placing Fields in Creation Order

Placing Fields in Creation Order

Figure 1.1: Creation Order – Stacked

Placing Fields in Creation Order - in a Row

Figure 1.2: Creation Order – Row

Placing Fields in Field Name Order

Fields Placed in Field Name Order - Stacked

Figure 1.3: Field Name Order – Stacked

Field Picker by Field Name Order

Figure 1.4: Field Name Order – Row

Placing Fields in Field Type Order

Fields Placed in Field Type Order - Stacked

Figure 1.5: Field Type Order – Stacked

Placing Fields in Field Type Order - in a row

Figure 1.6: Field Type Order – Row

Placing Fields in Custom Order

Fields Placed in Custom Order - Stacked

Figure 1.7: Custom Order – Stacked

Placing Fields in Custom Order - in a Row

Figure 1.8: Custom Order – Row

The Field Picker will allow you to manually change the positions of the fields before placement, thereby allowing you to select the fields from the picker in the order you wish them to appear. This little maneuver saves a ton of time by not having to realign your fields after placement.

Those small time saving features really add up.

Thank you, FileMaker!

Look for future posts on “Time Saving Tips”. I like to be an efficient developer and will share tips to help improve your efficiency as well.


– Bob

Bob Kelley

FileMaker 13/12 Certified Developer

The Scarpetta Group, Inc.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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