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Top Ten FileMaker Custom Functions (For Senior Developers) | FileMaker 15 Training Videos

-Top Ten FileMaker Custom Functions (For Senior Developers) | FileMaker Pro 15 Videos | FileMaker 15 Training
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One of our Senior Engineer’s list of top ten custom functions!

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Everyone this is Richard Carlton I’m here with Mr. Steven Allen and Steven is one of our senior engineers here at RCconsulting and he frequently plays the very deepest end of the pool and you
randomly see him show up at some of our videos and I go to Steve I say hey what’s your 10 most favorite custom
functions and someone like Steve will give me their perspective on their 10 most useful functions which frequently will be different than maybe the 10 most favorite functions that I would use
because I’m the kind of guy that I do more lower and mid level development of the little bit of high-end development complex development but my need for custom functions varies with the kind of work I do I work with a lot of newer people that maybe not necessarily as technically deep with lots of SQL no BBC and really hard core PHP I can’t believe that to my senior engineers to
do because that’s what they specialize in so in this video we’re talking about the 10 most favorite custom functions or
approximately ten right you ask me originally for 5 and I spewed out like 12-1 or something yeah right so the idea is
that what are useful to him to understand that this is not my list this
is the list of a senior engineer who does a lot of hardcore development.

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