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Transform FileMakerTM Go databases into iApps with GoWrap – FileMaker Today

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GoWrap allows instant access to any FileMakerTM database from an iOS device by adding a personalised icon to the home screen. GoWrap also transforms the database into a true iApp that can be offered for sale or promotional purposes. FileMakerTM Go for the iPhone and iPad marked an important step forward in making company or personal FileMakerTM databases available on handheld devices, whether the files are stored locally or remotely.

Its only drawback is the need to launch FileMakerTM Go itself to open individual databases.

Now, GoWrap does away with that by providing single-click access to these databases, effectively transforming them into standalone iApps!

The potential scope is enormous: agents or retailers needing to check on stock, illustrated product or exhibition catalogues, accounts, promotions and so on.

For example:

– a chain of department stores could offer a free app containing its catalogue, which could be simply updated on a daily basis with special offers;

-a cinema could place its logo on its GoWrap icon and provide weekly updated programmes; – and so on…

And since GoWrap is fully compliant with the guidelines of the NSA with regard to software security, end-users can be sure that no malware is going to make its way on to their device.

Two editions, four languages:

Gowrap is available in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

GoWrap Free

GoWrap Free has one great advantage: it’s free!

It transforms your data into a real iApp that you can sell or give away for promotional purposes or to distribute amongst your friends.

GoWrap Free helps you “sign” your work!

• Web clip

• Mail attachment • Edit description

GoWrap Pro

With the Pro edition, you have full control of every aspect of the Web clip and can personalise the mail with attachment sent to install the Web clip.

GoWrap Pro helps you distribute your work bearing your ‘signature’!

• Web clip

• Mail attachment

• Edit description

• Edit image

• Edit mail

• Custom banner attachment • Control panel

How GoWrap works

• Type in your email;

• Choose a label for your file;

• Type in the exact name of the database;

• Type in the name of the host if the database is accessible via a remote server;

• Choose an icon or one of your own photographs;

• Select the graphic effect for the icon;

• If you want, you can add a brief description;

• Press “Confirm” and… that’s it!

Try it for yourself! …

… and distribute your FileMakerTM Go iApps around the world with GoWrap Net!

One of the bugbears of the FileMakerTM database developer is selling his solutions: these might be the perfect solution for a narrow target distributed thinly around the world – beekeepers, mushroom growers, makers of picture frames, or whatever – but the problem has always been connecting developer and client.

At GoWrap Net, part of the GoWrap solution, we take the grind out of the process for developers worldwide, helping to publicise their work and, if required, processing payments and providing customer support. All for a very modest sum.

Empower your FileMakerTM databases and click into! For further information or higher-resolution images, please contact:

Lucian Comoy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


AddWare Europe is based in Glasgow and has over the years specialised in the development of software for specific sectors, such as banking, insurance and publishing, gaining great experience in creating “software paths” for the processing, distribution and sharing of data to enable individuals and organisations to simplify and improve their working methods.

AddWare Europe is a partner in the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) and a Member of Apple Developer Connection (ADC). It plays an active role in providing innovation in the community of developers, integrating Internet and other mobile technologies with the award-winning Filemaker ProTM relational database.

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