Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Transforming Trailheads Login and Signup Experience with Salesforce Identity

Trailblazers, you might have noticed that your login experience for Trailhead got quite the makeover this year. Ever wonder how a massive change in how people access technology can just happen at a scale like that? Interested in delivering a similar type of reimagined experience? Come get a behind the scenes tour of, our new access experience for Trailhead! You’ll hear how Salesforce’s own Identity team built it, and how it transformed Trailblazer identity on Trailhead without a chaotic disruption. You’ll also learn how you can provide the same great experience, whether for internal stakeholders or external consumers, and hear best practices for large scale identity rollouts that don’t hurt, including how to navigate evolved protocols like SCIM v2, gracefully merging accounts, and securing the entire journey from beginning to end!

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