Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Under the Hood: FileMaker Layouts (Intermediate 001)

Under the Hood: FileMaker Layouts
Intermediate Track 001

Session Speaker:
Andrew Paulsen | Developer at FileMaker, Inc

Session Description:

Have you ever wondered how and when different parts of your layout load data? What the rules are that govern popover behavior? Does the order of script triggers prevent you from achieving your goals?

This session will answer these questions and more as we dive deep into FileMaker’s layouts and see what makes them tick. We’ll explore how layouts are stored, how they’re loaded, and how they interact with your schema, data, and scripts. We’ll also discuss some new layout features in FileMaker 16 like card style windows and the new layout object tree.

What you should know
You should know what a Layout is, and how it works. You’ve used portals, list view, parts, etc., and are looking for a deeper understanding of how they work.

What You Will Learn
* Learn how your data gets from the disk to the screen
* Explore different types of layout parts and how they work
* Learn how different layout objects behave when you’re not watching
* Explore the pluses and minuses of caching


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