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Using the Network Monitor Tool to Speed Up Your FileMaker App

The Network Monitor tool helps you analyze the traffic that flows in between FileMaker Server and FileMaker Client. It can help you clear your FileMaker cache and measure the inbound and outbound traffic of your FileMaker app.

This tool will help you build FileMaker solutions that are more efficient over the wide area network or the cloud. Sometimes we inherit or are working with systems that are older and are not optimized for use over the Wide Area Network (WAN).

This unlocked tool’s main goal is to analyze the traffic going in and out, you can analyze the system’s traffic for reports, dashboards, calendars, or any other complicated process that you need to test performance.

Our video reviews the Network Monitor tool, which helps you to review the amount of time it takes to calculate, process data, and complete other processes in your FileMaker applications. This tool will help you optimize your data exchange and performance overall. To learn, more check out our video on unindexed calculations. Keep an eye out for more courses at Productive Computing University on the topic of the Wide Area Network tips and tricks, as well as upcoming YouTube Videos!

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