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Validate Email with FileMaker and Mailgun API

This FileMaker training video demonstrates how to validate email addresses with an API connection to Mailgun.

Mastering FileMaker API calls can really enhance the value of your solution. With a click of a button, an email address can be verified to help maintain data integrity and customer relationships.

The more you know about APIs the more options that can open up for greater value in your FileMaker application.

This tutorial video also demonstrates the app used in our other API online training courses.

As more and more software applications join the world of APIs, the ability to quickly and effectively connect to those resources with the FileMaker API is becoming a necessary skill. 
Instead of spending hours and hours trying to figure it out incorrectly, enroll in Productive Computing University to see the structured streamlined approach that truly opens new doors to all kinds of possibilities. 
API Fundamentals for FileMaker Developers:
Connect FileMaker to Mailchimp:
Connect FileMaker to Stripe API:
See you in the course! 

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