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Video Trayse Inventory Item Barcodes

How to generate a barcode in Trayse Inventory. Barcodes can be generated for the item (based on the SKU), for serialized products, and for lots. You can adjust the settings of the barcode generator. The settings will:
1. Affect the barcode display for all users for that type (e.g. item, serial number, or lot).
2. But the setting change will not affect the other barcode generators. In other words, changing a barcode generator setting for an SKU will not have any affect for the barcode generators of serial numbers nor for lots.

Trayse Inventory is a powerful inventory management system for small to medium size businesses. Build on the FileMaker platform, it runs on Windows, Macs, and iOS devices.

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New Leaf Data, LLC builds business management apps on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices using the FileMaker Platform.



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