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All of here at FMT love Wakanda…you as a developer will too…open source and FREE to download…Wakanda is the first W-RAD (Web Rapid Application Development) as well as M-RAD (Mobile Rapid Applicaion Development), capable of creating multi-channel applications for mobile, Web and desktop. Wakanda unifies the technologies behind JavaScript while remaining open source and open to integration with new solutions based on JavaScript.

Wakanda is an “apps factory”, based on open standards. It allows enterprise to industrialize their application development process, all while keeping total flexibility and openness by implementing a structured and repeatable process. Enterprises gain productivity, master and control development costs, and can maintain evolving applications.

Design the prototype of your application’s user interface and you data model easily. The studio offers an integrated GUI allowing you to quickly prototype your project in a graphical development environment. Define dataclasses, attributes and methods and work in drag-and-drop mode: Wakanda Studio gives you access to a library of widgets, Web components and templates to gain responsiveness.

No need to be a pro with HTML5 or CS3 to create a prototype: Wakanda Studio generates your pages’ code automatically and gives you presentable results. At any time, you can personalize the source code from the code editor to create your own extensions.

Beyond prototyping, Wakanda Studio offers productivity tools for developers.

The Model Designer, unique to Wakanda, allows you to easily and quickly construct the data model for your applications, and the Data Binder allows you to automatically create links with your database.

Wakanda Studio integrates and offers numerous tools and features: It is the JavaScript developer’s best friend.

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