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Filemaker Today is the Original Filemaker forum  that was started way back in 1998.  As always on our forums you can ask questions and get answers on any FileMaker topic for any FileMaker version and get your answer back fast. The FMT Forum “aka The FileMaker Cafe” delivers everything you need to know about FileMaker, and is the most used FileMaker reference source after FIleMaker Inc . FileMaker Today delivers the latest FileMaker News from FileMaker Developers, is a FileMaker Job source with over 800 jobs posted, check out FileMaker Connect an all user Facebook like app for FileMaker and the live real time connection for Devcon San Antonio, FileMaker Answers, FileMaker Videos and discounts on FileMaker Developer products and more. With over 80,000 lifetime members, over 37,000 active the odds are your FileMaker question or problem has already been answered! We look forward to seeing you online with us…No FileMaker Gods here…just normal everyday people with FileMaker Passion and a lot of FileMaker Knowledge! Click here now to visit the forum.

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