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WHILE and SetRecursion Calculation Functions Tutorial

FileMaker 18

The While calculation function repeats logic while a defined condition is true, then returns the result, replacing the need for some recursive custom functions.

However, if recursion and custom functions is necessary for your custom app, the SetRecursion function allows you to set the maximum number of iterations for recursion and loops within an expression.  The default limit is 50000 iterations but can be lowered or raised using this function.


Why is this important?

The use of the While and SetRecursion calculations functions add additional power and flexibility to your developer toolkit by allowing for the simplification of calculations that require interactions to obtain their results.  This can be very useful in your calculations that perform tasks such as sorting lines of information, modifying data within a larger block of information or repeating a series of operations in a variable number of times.

While and SetRecursion calculation functions


  • Discover how a calculation function(s) can iterate a task over and over until some exist condition is reached.
  • Create calculations that are evaluated each time the loop is repeated
  • Set the level of recursion to prevent endless loops in your calculations

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