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Will they blow up FileMaker? – 2021 Response to Claris Videos

This video is just my opinion. I was not provided with any “insight” or information about what Claris, the parent company of the FileMaker software, is going to do in the future. I’m a 30 year FileMaker developer veteran who is simply dumping my view points out onto the web. If you have your own opinions and feedback then drop a comment below!

Videos referenced

Claris Engage Beyond 2021: Kickoff event & executive keynote.

Claris Engage Beyond 2021: Executive Q&A

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00:00 – Welcome
01:29 – What is Claris saying?
04:26 – Should Claris rebrand “FileMaker”.
06:12 – Switching the backend to MungoDB.
11:06 – How is Claris addressing onboarding?
25:20 – Why the FileMaker UI is so good.
34:31 – Marketing FileMaker – The dilemma.
41:06 – What I’m hoping Claris won’t do!

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