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Workflow Automation with Script Triggers (Intermediate 003)

Workflow Automation with Script Triggers
FileMaker DevCon 2017 Intermediate Track

Session Speaker: D. Todd Weller | Cross IT Services & Solutions, LLC

Session Description
Often data loss in business is not due to viruses or hackers, but from data entry errors. By automating tasks with the help of Script Triggers, FileMaker developers are able to aid the users during data entry while still enforcing business rules.

This session examines techniques that allow developers to guide users through their customs apps, to perform pre-validation before a record is committed, and to capture data before modifications are made. This session looks at both layout-level and object-level script triggers and their use cases.

What you should know
How to write scripts in FileMaker using the Script Workspace, and how to define calculations.

What You Will Learn
* Use script triggers to navigate to a specific layout based on record status or device type
* Implement script triggers to prevent entry of improper data or to restore original data
* Execute a “live search” feature utilizing the OnObjectKeyStroke script trigger
* Build a dynamic tab panel to show or hide a specific panel on demand


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