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Working with the FM Books Connector Plug-ins

In this video, we introduce you to our plug-ins, FM Books Connector and FM Books Connector Online. Learn the benefits of integrating FileMaker with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. We show you how to use these plug-ins and explain the differences and benefits of each.

== Video Chapters ==
0:00 Intro
0:27 – What is QuickBooks and how does it work?
1:24 – Choosing the right version of QuickBooks
2:09 – What are FM Books Connectors and how do they work?
3:12 – Key Differences between the Plug-ins
4:17 – Who are Plug-in Users?
4:53 – Plug-in Benefits for Users
5:52 – How to User Plug-ins?
7:31 – Demo Files
7:55 – A developer’s Perspective
8:20 – Plug-in Requirements
8:43 – Skill Level Required
8:52 – Using the Plug-ins
11:51 – How can Productive Computing Help You
12:32 – Claris Communities
12:40 – Recap

= Get the plug-ins ==
🔹 FM Books Connector –
🔹 FM Books Connector Online –
== Get the course! ==
✳️ Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Desktop –
✳️ Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Online –

== Helpful Links ==
✳️ QuickBooks info –
✳️ Forbes article “QuickBooks Online vs Desktop” –
✳️ QuickBooks community –

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