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FM Function of the Week: Filter

FM Function of the Week: Filter

In keeping with a text parsing theme I seem to have going here, this week’s function is the fabulous Filter function. It’s a text strainer that only permits the characters...

FileMaker Under the Hood

FileMaker URL Protocol

FileMaker URL Protocol

The fmp7://, fmp7script://, and fmp:// URL protocols offer FileMaker developers awesome possibilities. They can be used to control FileMaker solutions from outside or from inside. Examples include: from a web...

FileMaker Server

FileMaker Server - Dangers of wildcards in bash

FileMaker Server - Dangers of wildcards …

Many web developers and some filemaker developers likely use bash while using the terminal.  You may have come across some odd issues when you use a command like "rm *...

FileMaker Presentation - On The Screen

FileMaker Window Controller

FileMaker Window Controller

Window Controller opens properly sized and aligned windows on both platforms and remembers window settings for every user. Works with FileMaker v8-10. The main functionality could be reworked to work...

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Run Your Own Scripts from Google Maps: fmp urls in FileMaker Pro

Run Your Own Scripts from Google Maps: f…

SeedCode’s ProMaps lets you add your own links to Google Maps: users can click on a pin and run your own FileMaker scripts–going to that pin’s record in your FileMaker...

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