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FileMaker Anchor Buoy Tutorial

The Anchor Buoy method of relationship design is still the best. This video taken from chapter 1 of the Philosophy of FileMaker – Part 1.

  1. JD Sebastian says

    John! I'm very happy to discover you. a Los Angeles-area Filemaker enthusiast, here, preparing for my first certification with them, loving everything I'm learning and super glad to see you coming out and sharing so freely on YouTube with FMP grasshoppers like myself. I'm also grateful for Richard Clayton, another fellow Californian, with his incredible generosity of sharing knowledge. and training on this ultra cool database software program. To be sure I'll be checking out all of your videos as time allows over the next month! I've got this notion that databases and data modeling is going to be increasingly necessary and helpful in our rapidly changing world, that's why I'm board, heart and soul. Namaste and God bless ya for sharing the knowledge and know-how!


    JD Sebastian

  2. Luis Sardinha says

    Hi John. Great job with the video. Really appreciated!
    Please allow me a quick question: I am building a DB from scratch and when creating the relationship, I don't know if I have to do it both ways, that is:

    Looking to your example: one customer can have many invoices. You have created a relationship using a table occurrence from the Invoices table in the first place. Do we need to create the relationship in the other way as well, by creating a Customer table occurrence and link them properly?

    Basically, for each relationship between two tables do we need to create the relationship "path" for both of them?
    Thank you.

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