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Soliant Consulting

Soliant Consulting is a professional services firm specializing in building custom business solutions. Photo of Soliant Consulting's project managers We serve as a trusted advisor with a focus on extraordinary service. Since 2004, our team has helped shape our clients’ futures and made their business lives easier. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on your business, not just your technical requirements. We strive to understand what problems you face, how a solution should meet your business goals, and how we can have a positive impact on your organization.

Soliant Joins Forces with Salesforce Training Provider, HTT

Chicago, IL. – November 16, 2023 – Soliant Consulting, a custom software development firm headquartered in Chicago, has expanded its suite of Salesforce services by partnering with nationally recognized Salesforce training firm Harrison Tech Training. This joining of forces aligns with...

Meet K’you, the Parallel Queue Processor for FileMaker & AWS

Why a Queue? I am staring at an AWS S3 bucket with just over a quarter of a million objects in it. I need the metadata for those objects in FileMaker. Obviously, I can make API calls from FileMaker to AWS...

How to Run Java Garbage Collection in Claris FileMaker & Avoid an Unexpected Failure in Windows

What is Java Garbage Collection in Claris FileMaker? In Claris FileMaker Server 20.1.1, Claris released a new feature to run the Java Garbage Collection to reclaim unused server memory. It’s crucial to run Garbage Collection frequently in the Web Publishing Engine...

How to Relate Leads to Existing Accounts in Salesforce

  Default settings in Salesforce do not associate leads with accounts. Our team, however, encourages our clients to change this within their own implementations, especially if they operate within a B2B business model. The benefits of setting up this relationship include: Keeping...

How to Integrate Claris Connect with Amazon SES

  Table of Contents: Claris Connect Series What is Amazon SES? Within Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) diverse cloud services, AWS Simple Email Service (SES) provides inexpensive and scalable email communication for your email addresses and domains. You can use it as a...

API-First Data Security with Schema Validators

As the monolith dies, API-first development is grabbing hold of the modern web landscape through frameworks such as React, Node.js, and Flutter. Unlike monolithic web applications, whose server-side rendered content share validators, API-first applications are split between an API...

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