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Portal Relationship From Scratch – FileMaker Beginner Tutorial 2

This FileMaker beginner tutorial covers how to show related record with the use of portal. We will be going over

1. Basic database relationships concept
2. How to set up a portal (at about 3:10)
3. Adding and removing record within a portal

  1. Dale Johnson says

    Thanks, just what I needed!

  2. Wally Sew-Atjon says

    thx Sunny

  3. Sugar says

    The tutorial is Crystal clear thank you so much for your time. I have one question for you.
    What I can do if I want to show all related records in the Customer or Sale portal? I greatly appreciate your help.

  4. André van Haren says

    Hi Sunny! I have 2 tables in my project. One is called stories, the other one is called characters. Every story can have more characters of course, but right now when I add a lot of characters and go to another story, those same characters are still showing. How can i keep a cast of characters connected to 1 story? Thanks!

  5. genci memetko says

    Hey there! Thanks for the video! May I ask you about a doubt? When you made the relationship between the two tables, you checked only the first checkbox of "sales". What's the scenario difference with that of your video, checking the 2nd one of "sales" table, too, and checking the first one on customer side, also. In this case, what is the scenario difference with that of this video? And, you left the id field as a "text", how can it increase by 1 and how can it relationate with a "number" field id to another table? It made me have doubts on my "convintions", lol. Sorry for my English! Have a great day! Genci

  6. Hari haran says

    Your videos are most welcome. Good job. Keep doing.

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